Friday, November 11, 2011

Tastings, Dinners, and other Local Events. Where to go for the beer.

Over the past year I've attended some great beer events. From dinners to tastings, or a festival where beer was one of the main attractions there have been a number of them this year. After researching breweries, going to my local liquor store too often, or just going into a bar for a random pint it's becoming evident that there are hundreds of events every year. Just New York City and Philadelphia can keep you occupied all year. One of the major problems though was knowing where to find the information in advance so you aren't left in the cold.

Sticking with just my very local area, here are three helpful links to help you narrow your searches, or just find something to do during the week or weekend. Unfortunately I was unable to find a New York State, or Pennsylvania State guide. But these links will give you a plethora of events to pick from.

New Jersey



Pick out an event and head out for the day. Talk with your local brewery represetative and learn something about beer you never knew. Or maybe find a brand new beer you never tried before from your favorite brewery. Events are a great way to gain knowledge of the beer you are drinking. And if nothing else, you can thank your local brewers for making the beer you look forward to drinking at the end of a hard day.


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