Sunday, November 20, 2011

Idiot's Drool, Rare Beers, and Limited Releases. What To Do With Them?

Over the past week I have lucked out a few times. Obtaining Ottercreek's 20th Anniverasary Ale, Weyerbacher's Rapture, and most notably, Weyerbachers Idiot's Drool. Even though the 20th Anniv. and the Rapture are limited release, the Idiot's Drool is by far the cream of the crop and has me posing question about how to handle them. Should I sell some and make back my money while keeping a few for myself? Should I drink it during holiday meals and other gatherings through out the year? Or should i just sit on it? keeping it around until I feel the urge to move on a bottle?

The answer same to me last night, at least for the Idiot's Drool. But it is a rule that can be applied to special release beers in general. Although it is meant to be consumed, it should be treated with high regards. Factor in that I only have 6 bottles for the rest of my life and then the discussion take a very interesting turn. This is a bottle that should come out during things so dynamic in one's life that it requires a celebratory drink that is special. First born child, one of your children's weddings, grandchild being born. But then factor in the beer's life itself. How long can it really sit before turning? This is why 6 bottles for life and no opportunity to obtain more is such a peculiar problem.

The other beers, although being held in high regard, for some reason don't strike the same type of panic that the Drool does. I have 4 bottles each of the other beer. Rapture is 750ml bottles, and Ottercreek's are only 12oz bottles. So the liquid in both bottles, and all for that matter need to be managed well, looked after, and chosen wisely.

Sell some? No way.
Yearly family gatherings? Maaaaaaybe.
Cherished like the memory of a child being born? Definitely.

The sickness in all of this...
I haven't even tried any of these yet!

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