Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Tastings Today, Another Beer Dinner, and What's Coming Up...

Anyone checking in with me has seen the recent luck I've been having getting some rare limited release beers. Tonight I plan on whipping some of them out. Victory Dark Intrigue, Dogfish Head Bitches Brew, Weyerbacher Idiot's Drool, and Weyerbacher Rapture will come along to a friends house for a get together. Hopefully the chance will arrive to do a review on all of them. But definietley check back as updates will be posted about the Idiot's Drool especially.

In the meantime, Maloney's Pub in Matawan, NJ is holding their Christmas Dinner on December, 16th and featuring St. Bernardus Brewery as the beer of the evening. I've never gotten a chance to try any of their offerings but picked up their Christmas Ale to check out a glimpse of what's in store for the evening. This has been touted as their best dinner of the year so my wife and I are looking forward to it.

After that, New Years, and then my beers of 2011 review. Stay tuned as 10 beers will be highlighted as the best discoveries of the year. Some have been around for some time and I just haven't had them, others just came along this year. Either way, these were the beers that blew me away. So stay tuned and start saving some cash so you can pick them up before they're gone!


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