Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Beer Resolutions

We all make resolutions every new years. Lose weight, get a new job, meet someone, etc etc. Most of the resolutions wind-up not being kept and you're left felling guilty for not sticking to your own promises. This year however, instead of choosing tough resolutions like losing weight, or getting a new job. I choose to have goals involving beer and encourage you to do the same. So when the other resolutions come crumbling apart, you can enjoy a beer and celebrate!

In no order,
1. Brew my own beer. 
I've been meaning to do this for the past year or two but have never gotten a kit. With devotion to being a localvore, and wanting to be more environmentally friendly being at the forefront of my thought, 2012 will be the year. Even if it's a simple brew kit in a box, beer will be brewed.

2. Get a Kegerator/Build a Kegerator. 
Both my uncle and cousin have one in their basement but they are filled with Coors Lite so I've never enjoyed any beer from their basement beverage fridge. My wife originally put the idea out there while we were at a bar together. So having her on board with the idea isn't an issue. Only issue would be the funds needed to get the project up and running.

3. Visit every brewery in the state, including brew pubs. 
So far, I've been to both NJ Triumphs, J.J. Bittings, Pizzeria Uno, and River Horse. With more and more places making great beer popping up in the state, it drives me to want to meet the people who are making the beer in my local area. Visiting the breweries will give me a chance to try more of their beer than is available in the stores. It also gives me a chance to thank them for providing us with great beer! Which leads me to be to do #4.

4. Volunteer at a brewery. 
The brewers and employees bust their asses day in and out. Hauling heavy bags of material around and then carrying the also heavy finished product is a wearing job. These guys really work in order to get the product completed. All the while paying extremely close attention to the beer itself! So why not volunteer. Even it it's doing some menial like sweeping the floors. The extra help will take a little pressure off the people at work so they can focus more on the beer. I really encourage everyone to do this.

5. The long shot, Get a full time job in the beer industry. 
My current job isn't the most satisfying I've had in my life. So going along with the "do what you love and you never work a day in your life" motto, I strive to work in beer. Although it is hard work, as previously mentioned, tree work is hard work too. Would it change my perspective for beer having to work with it all day? Probably not.

So make your own list. Resolve to do something new with your beer enjoyment this coming year. You may find yourself with a new career!

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