Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Brew Beer, Does That Make My House a Brewery?

Activating the yeast in our first home brew.

While bottling my first attempt at home brewing my wife and I took a sip and got a glimpse of what will be in two more weeks. Tastes like we made some pretty good beer on our first attempt. We got another batch going today after stopping by Love2Brew in North Brunswick, NJ to get supplies Friday.  Thanks to the guys there, they were extremely helpful and even let us try some of their own brew! The next beer we made holds much promise based on the aroma it filled the house with. So if a normal guy ends up making a batch or two of really good beer, does that warrant him naming his beer or even throwing a label on it for kicks?

In no way does my beer hold as much promise as say an Allagash White or Founder's CBS, but should it just be presented to someone as "this is the beer I brewed". Probably not, but there is a sense of going a little over the edge being self pretentious. So here is the solution. If the beer we make ends up being out of this world, we are going to enter it into a small contest in the area. If the beer even gets an honorable mention, then the house will be named a brewery.

Any name suggestion?

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